Monday, June 19, 2017

Ear Care For Your Pet Pig

Pig ears sometimes will get a little wax build-up. This is normal! That stuff that is down in the ear is there for a reason.
DO NOT try to clean deep inside your pigs ear. When the build-up gets bad on the pig ears (the lobe area), You can use your finger nail or Q-tip to scrape it out, being careful not to let any of the gunk fall back into the ear. Some people prefer a cotton ball or warm washcloth, we do not use any type of foreign object or ear cleaner. It is not necessary. Make sure your vet knows this if you take your pig in for maintenance.
That 'stuff' that builds up is their natural defense against dust, particles and tiny insects getting too far into their ears. It is also what keeps the water out of your pig’s ears when he is in his pool, or for outside pigs the mud hole.
DO NOT put any liquids in your pigs ear EVER! This can get in their inner ear and cause them to have a head tilt, putting them off balance. If liquid gets into your pigs ears, it can cause serious problems like a yeast infection.
For those of you that like to hose your pig down to cool them off during hot days, make sure you do not allow the stream of water near their ears or face as they are jumping around.