Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pig Hair Loss

If your pet pig is over a year of  age it will most likely shed or "blow its coat". This generally happens at least once a year. Some will do this twice a year. They may loose their hair all at once or in stages. Once this shedding starts you can easily pull the hair out by the handfuls to help your pig along. This usually happens sometime in the spring or early summer when the weather starts turning warm. I've had some hold out till late summer and others that have blown their coats during the winter when it is unusually warm.

Below are a few pictures of my pigs in the middle of blowing their coats. As you can see it happens in stages and they seem to turn elephant gray when all that black hair missing. Mindy the pig that still has all her hair lost it late summer when all the others had lost it late spring early summer. 

Hansel blowing his coat.
Cindy blowing her coat and Mindy still with all her hair.

You will almost immediately see the new hair coming in.  Please remember that each pig is different and not all will get back the same amount of hair that they lost. As they get older the hair may remain short and have a patchy look to it.

When your pig is loosing it's hair it will itch terribly. You may notice him running around trying to itch on trees, walls, furniture, your leg, other pets, whatever is around!! Just help your pig along by pulling any loose hair. It will come out very easily. Also, a good scratching and/or brushing a few times a day will be appreciated. I would do this outside if I were you, unless you have your vacuum cleaner handy.


  1. thanks so much i really appreciate this information.

  2. This makes me feel a little better since I came back from vacation and an unexpected hospital stay (total of about two weeks) to an almost bald pig! He was black when I left him.

  3. Thank you so much for this very handy article. Today I got scared as I was cuddling Ziggy (my Vietnam pig) and felt all the hair falling down. Immediately I came to investigate. I'm a bit sad that he's loosing his beautiful hair, but oh well, it's part of it and im happy it's just it

  4. My potbelly 🐷 Pepper, is losing his Mohawk and it appears the black skin underneath is blotchy and pink, as though his black skin is coming off as well! Is this normal?

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