Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Madison's Law

I want to share a few of Madison's Law with you today as she passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Madison had turned 14 the end of January. Never had the pleasure to meet Madison or her mom Barbara, but have known them for years from a potbellied pig e-mail list that I run.

Here are a few of her laws and I hope you enjoy them.

Article 126, Section 135: No pig shall be forced to stay outside in temperatures lower then 60 degrees F without the sun shinning and a deck to catch some rays on. And/or kept from said treats of any kind for a time not to exceed 2 minutes. Any human caught disobeying said pig "laws" will be punishable by a life long commitment of belly rubs, non stop treats, lots of love, and sentenced to cater to our every waking need for the remainder of said pig's life.

Article 158, Section 145.4: Any human talking on the computer to other humans about any such pig will be subject to scratching said pig until there hands fall off and/or allowing said pig to scratch his/her butt on the new dinning room table and/or subject to fines not to exceed as many treat's for that day as said pig wants.

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